Getting Certified

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In order to become nationally certified, you must first pass our national examination. To qualify to take our exams you MUST have:

  •  a certificate of completion from a course taken in the medical field. 
  • a degree from college.
  • and/or an official letter (on company letterhead) from a past or present employer stating that you have two years experience or more and must include your job title.

You may also qualify if you have worked in the medical field in this country or abroad and have documentation to prove it, such as medical: college degree, vocational diploma or military certificate. This is only after the documentation has been assessed (evaluated) by a New York state approved independent company. 



Our members benefit from our certifications by attaining larger salary's and promotions within their chosen medical profession. NPTAA is here not only to represent your medical career but to improve it. We also offer internship programs and multiple certifications once our members have learned additional medical skills while working in the medical field.

Our members can also benefit from our job listings which we offer upon certification pick-up, to better assist them in their job search. 

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